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 Coronary Heart Disease: eBooks

Treatments for Heart Disease, Mediteranean Diets, Super Foods Diet.

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   1. The Patient's Guide to Heart Valve Surgery
        Author: Adam Pick

        Preparing For Heart Valve Replacement? Heart Valve Repair?  Avoid Stress. Know What To Expect. Enhance Recovery.

        In this eBook, You Will Have Answers to:
        What's wrong with my defective heart valve?
Do I really need heart valve surgery?
What are my surgical options?
Who are the best surgeons? The best hospitals?
How much does heart valve surgery cost?
How long is the recovery?
And the big one... Am I going to die?

               Leaking Heart Valves
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   2. The Mediterranean Diet
            Author: Ray Darken

The Following Questions are Answered in this eBook:

  • How to lose weight properly?

  • How to lose 20 to 30 pound in a month or less?

  • What is the best diet for me?

  • How do you lose a lot of weight in a short time?

  • Is there really away to lose weight without taking diet pills?

  • I've been trying to lose weight for a year now and I exercise vigorously. What can I do?

  • I heard that the Mediterranean Diet will also reduce the risk of heart disease, is that true?

  • Is it also true that it can reduce the risk of cancer?

  • Is there any evidence to support the above two questions?

  • How do I lose weight and keep it off?

  • How do i lose weight on my tummy?

  • How do I lose a lot of weight and feel good about myself?

  • How do I flatten my tummy and lose leg weight?

  • How can I lose weight fast without paying too much money?

  • How do I get rid of cellulite?

  • What are some of the risks of family history diseases even though I diet and exercise?

  • Should I speak to my doctor first?

  • Is water important in diet?

  • Is fitness important to dieting?

  • I hate exercise; do I have to exercise to lose weight?

  • Will I have a better chance of success if I do it with a friend?

  • Will smoking cigarettes affect my diet?

  • What routine should I follow?

  • Can you recommend any recipes?

  • I want results in 7 days! How can I do this?

  • If I could see even the smallest results in 7 days, I would be encouraged to apply myself more; how can I do this?

  • How can I lose weight when I work long hours and have no time for exercise?

  • Couldn't I just stop eating and take diet pills for a couple of weeks?

  • I want to lose weight but I can't afford to spend anything on gyms and fancy diet food etc.! What can I do?

  • Is it really true that the best way to diet is to keep a healthy consumption going with nutritional food or is that just an 'old wives tale'?

  • Does alcohol help to make you overweight?

  • I have a few medical issues; will this affect me going on a diet?

                   Mediterranean Diets 
 Your satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back.


  3. Heartburn No More! Cure Acid Reflux!
Author: Jeff Martin

The ONLY Holistic System In Existence That Will Show You How To Permanently Cure Your Acid Reflux, Achieve Lasting Freedom From All Digestive Disorders and Regain Your Natural Inner Balance Using A Unique 5 Step Method.

      No One Else Will Tell You These Secrets
         You get the 150 page 6 bonus books:

    Bonus 1: The Complete Handhook of Nature's Cures
   Bonus 2: How and When to be Your Own Doctor
   Bonus 3: Lessons from the Miracle Doctors
   Bonus 4: 50-Acid-Reflux Diet Recepes
   Bonus 5: Free Lifetime Updates
   Bonus 6: Free One-on-One Counseling with Jeff Martin


               Natural Heartburn Cure
Your satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back.


Producer: Rod Linder

  4. The Secrets of Stopping Heart Disease
        Watch free video demonstration for 5 min
Producer: Rod Linder

   The Following 9 DVDs are Available:
               Price: $29.95/Each

  1. The Secrets of What is Hypnosis
   2. The Secrets of
Why Hypnosis Doesn't Work!
   3. The Secrets of Weight Loss
   4. The Secrets of Stopping Diabetes 
   5. The Secrets of Stopping Heart Disease  
   6. The Secrets of Curing Your Disease
   7. The Secrets of Healing thru Nutrition
   8. The Secrets of Stopping Allergies
   9. The Secrets of Stopping Pain



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