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Cholesterol Monitors
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Normal Levels of Cholesterol
Reference: Book: Permanent Diabetes Control, page 46

Cholesterol is a biochemical, greasy or waxy fat-like substance called “lipid” found in the bloodstream and in all cells. The human body needs normal levels of cholesterol because it is the main source to form cell membranes, some hormones and other essential tissues.

Diabetes raises the cholesterol levels and people with diabetes most commonly develop heart disease and face heart attacks due to the buildup of plaque inside the heart arteries. High cholesterol levels beyond normal range can cause the formation and accumulation of plaque in the heart arteries. This plaque is composed of cholesterol, other fatty substances, fibrous tissue, and calcium. When plaque builds up in the arteries, it results in Atherosclerosis, or Coronary Heart Disease (CHD). Diabetes raises the risk for heart disease, and it is very important that diabetics should monitor their cholesterol levels
(total cholesterol level, hdl and ldl levels, fasting triglycerides) once every 3 months and should make certain that their cholesterol levels are within the normal range. The normal levels of cholesterol are shown below:

                        Table 3.6  Normal Levels of Cholesterol




HDL Ratio







2.0 - 5.2

1.5 - 3.4


< 5.0

< 2.3









HDL Ratio







77.34 - 210.08

58.00 - 131.48

> 34.80

< 5.0

< 88.94



Cholesterol Monitors and Testing Kits

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1  Cholesterol Monitors
2  CardioChek Analyzer
3  Cholestrak



Some Selected Cholesterol Monitors
All prices are subject to change!

1. Cardio Check Cholesterol Monitor 
(Monitors Total Cholesterol Level, HDL and Triglycerides) 
Price $123.55

2. Cardio Chek Cholesterol Monitor Test Strips (Single Use)  (Total Cholesterol Level, HDL, Triglycerides, Ketones & Glucose)  Price $9.75             

   4a.                    4b.                     4c.
Cholesterol Test Strips

3. CardioChek Cholesterol Analyzer
(Monitors Total Cholesterol, HDL, Triglycerides, Ketones & Glucose) 
Price $104.99

4a. CardioChek Cholesterol Test Strips, 6-Count  ($30)
CardioChek HDL Cholesterol Test Strips, 6-Count ($30)
4c. CardioChek Triglycerides Test Strips, 6-Count ($30)


5. CardioChek Test Strips, 3-Count (Pack of 2)
  Price $29.96


6. CardioChek Cholesterol Meter
Monitors Total Cholesterol, HDL and Fasting Triglycerides 

Price $129.99  

7. CardioChek Blood Testing Device for Cholesterol and Diabetes. Monitors Cholesterol, Triglycerides, HDL, Glucose and Ketones.    Price: $120.00

8. CardioChek by Polymer Technologies
   Monitors Total Cholesterol, HDL and Triglycerides 
   Price $123.55    

9. CardioChek PA (for Physicians)
    Monitors Total Cholesterol, HDL and Triglycerides   
     Price $668.47

10. CardioChek Test Strips (25-Count)
     Monitors Total Cholesterol, HDL and Triglycerides   
 Price $90.48


11. Home Cholesterol Test Kit by CholesTrak®
     List Price: $29.92  Price:  $21.99

12. CholesTrak Home Cholesterol Test Kit - 2 Ea
     Price: $14.49

13. Home Cholesterol Test by First Check (2 Tests)
Price: $19.99  Price:  $14.99

14. First Check Home Cholesterol 1 Test Kit  Price: $11.63


15. First Check Home Cholesterol 2 Test Kits   Price: $20.73


16. First Check Home Cholesterol Test
Price: $11.83

17. Cholesterol Chek Glucose/Cholesterol Meter
     Price: $65.99

18. Cholesterol Chek Glucose Test Strips (50 Count)
     Price: $29.99


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