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The following are 5 excellent and extremely useful health books written by Dr. RK who successfully reversed his own diseases, disorders and/or conditions. If you are suffering from chronic diabetes, obesity, overweight, sleep apnea and chronic insomnia, these books will teach you all the fundamentals and everything you need to know on how to take care of your health at home before seeking any medical treatment. By adopting the concepts illustrated in these books, outlined by Dr. RK, you can cure your diseases, disorders or conditions alone at home by understanding the root causes and by applying natural treatments without ever using expensive medications. You can even reverse these disorders permanently by working alone at the comfort of your home. The Drinking Water Guide is the 426-page wealth of information we ever need, and every household should have this handbook.
 - Prime Publishing Co.


Title:  Drinking Water Guide
URL: www.DrinkingWaterGuide.Com
Description: Dr. RK has done a superb job in compiling an unsurpassed information on drinking water. This 400-page book "Drinking Water Guide" is a wealth of information for the rest of us on drinking water. This book would inspire its readers to make some changes that will improve the quality of their lives forever. By drinking clean and healthy water, you could minimize or even completely wipe out major health hazards and illnesses.


Title:  Reversing Obesity
URL: www.ReversingObesity.Ca
Description: This book “Reversing Obesity” will make you THIN in a matter of days by simply following the easy-to-understand rapid weight-loss instructions and the do-it-yourself recipes illustrated by Dr. RK.


Title:  Reversing Sleep Apnea
URL: www.ReversingSleepApnea.Com
Description: This book has all the information about therapies, resources and research that every sleep apnea patient, practicing doctor, nurse or technician would ever need, in a quick glance. Grab your copy sooner rather than later.


Title:  Reversing Chronic Insomnia
URL: www.ReversingInsomnia.Com
Description: Best insomnia course to reverse the chronic insomnia. Natural self-treatment to cure insomnia by offsetting the root causes without ever using prescription sleeping pills. Just follow the instructions outlined in the course.



Title:  Permanent Diabetes Control
URL: www.MydiabetesControl.Com
Description: “Permanent Diabetes Control” book earned an immense respect as many people said it is a wonderful book. After suffering from a sudden heart attack, even though his left artery was 75% clogged and he could not walk a block due to severe angina pain, Dr. RK said “NO” to bypass surgery. He did what none of us would even think of doing. He simply relied on his natural self-prevention diet and exercise, and with it he “reversed his critical diabetic heart disease in a matter of months”, and developed a method to accomplish Permanent Diabetes Control. He proved to the medical community that a bypass surgery is unnecessary in most cases. He also came up with a trial and error procedure to determine the optimal insulin dose that would tightly control diabetes in 90 days, and would allow a diabetic person to live like a normal person for the rest of his/her life.

Please visit, and read through the testimonials. Click on the Abstract button to see his official blood test results. Notice the fact that he maintained his hemoglobin A1c levels under 6% consistently. His personal best hemoglobin A1c level of 5% is an extraordinary result any diabetic person would hope to accomplish in a lifetime. Perhaps he is the only diabetic person living in this world now with “Permanent Diabetes Control”.

Once again, quite recently health demons, such as uncontrollable weight gain, sleep apnea and chronic insomnia, came his way. Dr. RK did not give up, but persisted on discovering new, natural and effortless treatments of his own in reversing these most difficult disorders, through extensive reading, research, commitment, self-discipline and the strong desire to succeed. His extensive scientific research experience and his powerful knowledge helped him battle and combat these life challenges. He figured out their root causes, and developed natural yet powerful techniques to cure these health disorders. After losing 40 pounds of weight and 12 inches around the waist, Dr. RK successfully reversed his obesity, obstructive sleep apnea and chronic insomnia. He has carefully outlined and illustrated the methods he developed in three excellent books “Reversing Obesity, Reversing Sleep Apnea and Reversing Insomnia”, so that others can benefit and be inspired to achieve similar results. His most recent book "Drinking Water Guide" is a 426-page wealth of information on drinking water for the rest of us.

- Prime Publishing Co.

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